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Telework and Reporting System


The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) established a cumbersome paper-based process to comply with the federal Telework initiative. Each application required approval by multiple levels, including the NICHD Telework coordinator and the Executive Officer. Tracking applications was challenging and it frequently took months for telework application approval. They had no process in place to evaluate existing telework arrangements.


Woodbourne Solutions designed a web based system for NICHD that accommodates their complicated approval workflow and supports manager evaluations of approved work-at-home arrangements. The Telework system enables employees to submit applications electronically and attach supporting documentation. Electronic notifications are sent to each reviewer in the workflow with automatic reminders at pre-defined intevals. Employees receive email notifications with the application status, as well as an electronic copy of the completed form. In addition, employees and supervisors are notified to begin the required evaluatiion process after six months for approved arrangements.

Value Added

All applications to telework are handled electornically and the process can be completed in as little as one business day. Employees are able to monitor request progress. Year end reporting is no longer a manual process for the Telwork Coordinator as the system offers custom reports. The Telework process been streamlined and NICHD is fully compliant with the Federal Telework initiative.

Technologies Used

Woodbourne Solutions built theTelework application using Lombardi Teamworks for the workflow and web forms, a custom Oracle database and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services for reports.

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