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As part of its outreach and education mission, NICHD offers a free course to educate caregivers about best practices for the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and ways to communicate that information to parents. The course is approved for continuing education credits that can be claimed by registered nurses and LPNs who complete the course and pass a test. For years, the course was offered in print format only. This required NICHD staff to revise and print the books each year and mail them out individually to participants, who then mailed back their test answers. Staff had to grade the tests, generate certificates of completion and send the user information to the accrediting authority. This not only resulted in expenses for printing and mailing, but also required significant manual back-office support for managing the examination and continuing education credit process.


Woodbourne Solutions designed and built a browser-based version of the SIDS training course. The online course automates all of the processes required for course administration, including content delivery, test administration, generation and mailing of custom completion certificates and back-office reporting for the accrediting authority. To comply with government policies regarding collection of personally-identifiable information, the course also includes a mechanism that allows users to save and monitor their progress across sessions without having to log in or provide any information about themselves.

Value Added

The number of course participants overall has increased significantly since the implementation of the browser-based version. Since its launch in 2010, tens of thousands of nurses have successfully completed the SIDS online course. This allows NICHD to fulfill its mission of public education while significantly reducing the expense involved in maintaining and administering the course.

Technologies Used

Woodbourne Solutions built the SIDS Computer-Based Training course using C# .NET and Oracle.

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