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Records Management Center


Final, decisional documents created at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) were generally maintained in disparate systems or offices and were often in paper formats. It was challenging to retrieve specific documents when needed or to enforce a standardized document life cycle. In order to be compliant with the HHS Policy for Records Management and the NIH Manual Chapter on Keeping and Destroying Records, NICHD needed to standardize the storage and disposition of those records.


Woodbourne Solutions created a Records Management Center (RMC) for NICHD and leveraged the power of SharePoint. The RMC is a central document repository where NICHD users upload digital documents and capture basic information about related records that exist in other systems. Assets uploaded to the RMC can be tagged with meta data that promotes ease of storage, retrieval and sharing of final, decisional documents. Access to confidential documents is controlled via Active Directory groups. The RMC was fully integrated with NICHD's intranet portal, also built in SharePoint.

Value Added

The RMC has enabled stakeholders to organize relevant content in a logical way, and standardize asset creation and presentation across the enterprise. Users are able to search and retrieve documents more efficiently and can report downstream. With the electronic records repository NICHD is now able to be fully compliant with both the HHS and NIH policies.

Technologies Used

Woodbourne created the RMC in Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 and ported the system to SharePoint 2010.

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