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Grants Funding Application


For many years the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) relied on a paper-based methodology for their grants budget and funding process, with the related knowledge and processes largely embedded in one individual. Real-time budget analysis was virtually impossible and functional reviews were highly labor intensive, time-consuming, and single point sensitive. In addition, NICHD lacked an efficient method for sharing budget and grants data across multiple organizations and with decision makers.


Woodbourne Solutions built the Grants Funding Application (GFA) a robust, web-based solution to support NICHD's complex funding decision-making process. The business rules that could have been lost with the departure of a key staff member are now embodied in the system. Data is acquired nightly from IMPAC II and updates the local central enterprise database – displaying the most current dollars and status for each grant. By consolidating key data from multiple systems and “improving the data” the GFA provides NICHD with the most complete picture of their extramural funding commitments. Woodbourne was also able to identify other data elements that were essential to NICHD - these smaller supplement requests usually not easily identified now gave NICHD a total financial picture that previously was incomplete. NICHD’s grants management and budget offices have a browser-based system that gives them a better ability to accurately track their congressional allocation of grants, plan expenditures with confidence, and make immediate information available to many program levels.

Value Added

The GFA serves as the cornerstone in a suite of applications Woodbourne Solutions has built to support NICHD’s extramural grants business process and is relied upon for real-time decision making during funding meetings. In addition to capturing comprehensive financial data for each application, the GFA provides NICHD with the ability to apply adjustments and specify calculations that can be performed on groups of applications to further enhance their ability to monitor and plan. Woodbourne has been improving the application in subsequent iterations as the system has grown and NICHD’s business needs have evolved. Modules had been added for staff funding recommendations, capturing final approved paylines, and generating paylists.

Technologies Used

Woodbourne Solutions built the GFA using .Net, ColdFusion MX, Oracle 10g. Reporting is provided via Business Objects.

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