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AOC Strategic Planning System


The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is the Federal agency responsible for the maintenance, operations, development and preservation of the U.S. Capitol Complex, including the congressional office buildings, the Library of Congress Buildings, and the Supreme Court Building. Like other Federal agencies, AOC is responsible for developing a strategic plan and reporting performance against that plan. AOC system staff handled the strategic planning process in a labor-intensive fashion handling all of the data via e-mail and using manual tracking and updating processes, relying on annual data calls rather than real-time staff reporting.


Woodbourne Solutions developed a web based Strategic Planning System for AOC. It allows users in multiple organizational levels to simultaneously create and update performance objectives and action plans in real time or on a scheduled basis. Reports can be created at the division or department level. With the push of a button administrators can quickly and easily compile the final report in PDF format on demand. The system allows for versioning and tracking of all milestone and assignment timetable changes, with comments for later review. Tracking is supported in two ways: Gantt chart format and textual view.

Value Added

The Strategic Plan System streamlined and improved AOCs process. The turnaround time for the final Strategic Plan has gone from two weeks to concurrent data availability, representing a total net savings of over 15% to AOC, with similar time savings also realized for the Human Capital, COO and GAO Plans. Woodbourne’s efforts have given AOC the ability to manage their strategic plan data consistently and through a set of processes that put the power of the strategic plan in the users’ hands through tracking, version control, security, and review of historical data.

Technologies Used

Woodbourne built AOC’s Strategic Planning System using the CommonSpot content management system, ColdFusion for code customizations and Active PDF for report compiling.

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