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NIH Grants Portfolio Management

With years of experience designing and building applications to assist in the evaluation, award and management of NIH research grants, we have extensive knowledge of both the business processes and data structures supporting the NIH grant framework. Effective analysis of grant data requires not only knowledge of where in NIH enterprise systems relevant data resides, but also which step of each process contains the most accurate snapshot of specific elements. Our business analysts, database experts and application developers can help ensure successful execution of federal contracts that involve NIH grant administration.

Among the applications we have built to support the NIH grant process are:

  • Administrative Actions - A workflow application for reviewing and approving requests for supplemental grant funding at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). The application retrieves parent grant information from IMPAC II and incorporates into real-time online decision making processes. The resulting determinations are then distributed to local institute budgeting systems to provide a more timely and accurate budget forecast.
  • Special Actions - An application deployed at NICHD that integrates with IMPAC II and automates the evaluation of funding requests, including staff recommendations, comments, and determinations.
  • Grants Funding Application - The GFA serves as the cornerstone in a suite of applications Woodbourne Solutions has built to support NICHD’s extramural grants business process and is relied upon for real-time decision making during funding meetings. In addition to capturing comprehensive financial data for each application, the GFA provides NICHD with the ability to apply adjustments and specify calculations that can be performed on groups of applications to further enhance the ability to monitor and plan.
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