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Woodbourne Solutions was established in 1998 to bring the dynamic of the internet to clients and to combine an understanding of the client’s business with a practical, common-sense approach. Here at Woodbourne we develop custom solutions according to each client's own particular business needs. From our first office at Woodbourne Farm, a 19th century Maryland farmhouse, to our current location in the heart of the I-270 technology corridor, clients have trusted us to provide managed, staged deliverables with a quick turn-around time so they can see their projects come to life as we keep project costs controlled at or below the proposal level. At Woodbourne we believe that all successful projects share seven basic development principles.

  • The application must address the customer’s business problem.
  • Project success is measured by the delivery of an application that solves the customer’s business problem.
  • The project must focus on maximizing the customer’s effectiveness.
  • No single development approach is optimal for all projects.
  • Successful projects must be staffed with a team of technically competent professionals.
  • Risks must be managed proactively throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  • Changes will be necessary, but they must be managed effectively.

As we grow, we continue to use these principles to guide our methodology and drive decisions during the course of every project. Our partners and senior staff have a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the business practices specific to the Federal Government, including clients at DHHS, NIH, HRSA and AOC.

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