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Accessibility Consulting & Usability Services

If an application is difficult to use, regardless of its technical superiority, it won’t be used. Woodbourne Solutions has the experience, technology and knowledge to develop interfaces for Web sites and applications that allow users to accomplish desired tasks easily. Our extensive experience in making Section 508 compliant Web sites and applications ensures that your online presence will be exposed to the widest possible audience.

Business Intelligence

Now more than ever, information professionals, business executives and government administrators need to track key business indicators. Business intelligence lets you use information quickly to make better business decisions for your organization’s future and enable your business to connect the right people with the right information across your organization.

Business Process Management/Workflow

Efficient, transparent workflows are critical to the operational health of any organization. The powerful workflow capabilities available in automated Business Process Management (BPM) solutions can enable your organization to put your data to work more quickly and consistently across systems and lines of business. The right BPM solution can empower everyone in your organization to capture and share best practices, create custom workflows, fine-tune business processes and streamline processes.

NIH Grants Portfolio Management

With years of experience designing and building applications to assist in the evaluation, award and management of NIH research grants, we have extensive knowledge of both the business processes and data structures supporting the NIH grant framework. Effective analysis of grant data requires not only knowledge of where in NIH enterprise systems relevant data resides, but also which step of each process contains the most accurate snapshot of specific elements. Our business analysts, database experts and application developers can help ensure successful execution of federal contracts that involve NIH grant administration.

Web Application Development

Applications are increasingly moving from the desktop to the Web, and the benefits are clear – cross-platform compatibility, ease of upgrading, less-costly maintenance and simpler deployment. We’ve been building online applications for over ten years. Our analysts, designers, and usability experts and developers are experienced in ensuring that our final products are not only scalable and reliable, but also easy to access and use.

Web Site Design, Development and Content Deployment

From simple websites that enforce branding and communicate your value proposition to more comprehensive solutions that drive user engagement and interaction via complex, data-driven back-ends, Woodbourne Solutions can help you select the right online approach to meet your business objectives. We offer a full range of services including, needs assessment, usability testing, requirements definition, web project management, graphic and interactive design, development, content migration, and ongoing support.

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