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New Case Western NCS Study Center site launches

The new Case Western site is the 33rd Study Center site to be launched by Woodbourne for the National Children's Study. Like the other Study Center site NICHD has built for the NCS, the Case Western site was built in SharePoint 2010. Visit the Ohio Study Center site.

SIDS Pharmacists CBT is launched

The SIDS Pharmacists Computer Based Training (CBT) module is a web-based learning management system designed to inform pharmacists on risk-reduction strategies for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and on ways to communicate SIDS information to parents and caregivers. Through this new CBT module NICHD seeks to reach a broader audience of pharmacists and provide important training on SIDS risk-reduction methods than it may currently be reaching through the materials available in paper form.

NCS IRB Tracking goes live

Woodbourne launched the IRB Tracking Application for the National Children's Study (NCS). This custom .Net application will enhance knowledge sharing and collaboration by providing the NCS program office and NCS institutional review boards (IRBs) with a web-based repository for storing and sharing study protocols and related documents.

Invoice Tracking system launches at NICHD

The Invoice Tracking system at NICHD was launched today. The Invoice Tracking site provides a central location on the Insider for assigning and tracking contract invoice review by NICHD COTRs, Contract Specialists (CS) and Contract Officers (CO). Contract technicians will upload an invoice to a SharePoint library, assign the invoice to the appropriate reviewers and launch the workflow. Each uploaded invoice will be saved to a contract folder that will be created at the time of upload or added to an existing folder for that contract.

Woodbourne launches 29 additional NCS Study Center sites

The new National Children's Study Study Center sites are the latest to launch, bringing the total to 32. Woodbourne built the sites using SharePoint 2010 on a common framework (site structure, look and feel and architecture) used by all Study Centers. The framework provides a balance between common features that are shared by all websites and the flexibility to customize the site to meet the particular needs of a Study Center.

Woodbourne matches employee donations for Japan relief

Woodbourne raised over one thousand dollars to support the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Woodbourne receives subcontract for Section 508 compliance and accessibility services

Woodbourne has been awarded a five year subcontract to provide accessibility and 508 compliance review and remediation services for NICHD. Under the contract Woodbourne will review and certify web sites and web applications developed by the vendor development teams. We will also be remediating existing sites, applications, and web content, including PDFs. We're excited to expand our relationship with NICHD and provide them with this important service!

Woodbourne receives contract to support NCS

Woodbourne Solutions has been awarded a five year contract to provide public website maintenance and web application development for the National Children's Study (NCS) Program Office (PO).  The focus of these IT support activities is the creation, development, maintenance, operation, and support of the public and internal websites and applications for the NCS PO.

508 Testing Tools

As part of our accessibility toolkit, Woodbourne maintains several automated tools for testing web sites for Section 508 compliance.  Recently, we have been reviewing the tools that we are using and looking throughout the marketplace for other tools that might be better.  While doing testing of some of the products on the market, we noticed how some tools have variation in their quality of error capture. 

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